Peeking at Joy

Joy came in stepping out of familiar
In fighting the urge to stay back and hide
Absorbed in a multitude of tasks presenting
All good and legitimate
All isolating my heart

Saying yes to connection
To time spent with a friend
To check on our hearts
And sort through the struggles
To remind and speak truth
And remember and share

When I could have been mopping
And folding and cleaning
And all of that is good
But just not for this day

And then as a bonus
A facebook connection
A friend whose young daughter is selling some clothes
The size of my girls
And a doll bed as well
And wouldn’t you know
I’m in the market for both

She sends the address
It’s right on the way
A mile or so up from my friend’s country home
I’m shocked and surprised
At God’s care in this day
As I stop, talk, and shop
Continue on to my friend’s
And wrap it all up
With a trip out of town

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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