Paper Airplanes and Pig Latin

If paper airplanes and pig latin were the classes that I taught, then there would be no end to all the lessons that were caught.

My students would be joyful and be rolling in the A’s, while from my lips would fall abundant words of endless praise.

If jump rope rhymes and chalk drawings were what I was to grade, I’d breathe a sigh of great relief and think I had it made.

My students would be brilliant and would have no more to learn; I’d just sit back and take my ease, and praise them each in turn.

But as it stands, there’s work to do, we all have room to grow; for some of us in patience, for others hearing no.

So as this year begins with its potential yet untapped; I’m eager to see what we’ll find when this school year is unwrapped.

With so many words rolling around inside my head, it feels good to get some of them out here. Goodnight, Friends!

2 thoughts on “Paper Airplanes and Pig Latin

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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