On Isaiah 46

You tell me to listen,
For I am yours, though I remain here in the mess and captivity.
You remind me of your care, for you carried me from before my birth and throughout my life.
You will carry me until I am old.
Help me to remember, because I forget all that you have done.

You made.

You care.

You carry along.

You will save.

Alone you are God, and no one compares.
Though I lift up idols, they can’t rescue me from myself.
You do as you wish.
Your plans come to pass,
and now you are working to set things right in my heart and my life.

I have waited for you and now you are coming to save and to show me your glory.

2 thoughts on “On Isaiah 46

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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