Of Moonflowers and Milestones

I love the surprise moonflower that grew back from last summer’s plant.

Two falls ago, a friend gave Little Mae a seed pod from a moonflower plant growing outside her office door. Mae planted one of the seeds in the spring and grew a moonflower that summer.

first moonflower

This year a strange plant began growing in the same area, and I left it alone, unsure of whether it was a weed or not (or maybe i never got around to weeding!).

As blooms began to grow, I realized it was something big. The moonflower had seeded itself and grown back. It brought such joy the night that I discovered the first bloom with a friend.

first moonflower

It has since put out more blooms and continued to grow. There is something about this moonflower that I love. Maybe it’s the memory of an adult giving that seed pod to a curious four-year-old full of questions about such a large, fascinating flower.

Maybe it’s the complete surprise of having it grow unexpectedly from a plant that was a surprise itself last year. When Little Mae pushed that original seed into the flowerbed, I had my doubts about its viability. It put out two blooms for her.

This year, there are many blooms on the plant, and I love to walk out in the cool of the day to look at them. Such a peaceful space.

beginning bloom

My husband says he is going to start calling me Moonflower, because I open up in the evening and become energized when things are supposed to be winding down. I am a night owl that way. A moonflower.

So where do the milestones fit in?

There have been many.

The four-year-old is six and in an elementary VBS crew this year. It is the first year that I do not have one of my own preschoolers coming through the preschool station that I run.

There is only one carseat in our family now. The six-year-old rides in it. Roo just turned eight and graduated from hers.

Three adult children joined us at the end of vacation week, some with their significant other, and I pushed through what it looked like to relate to those I wasn’t responsible for in the midst of dealing with those I was. The result was growing pains for my heart leaking through my eyes.

My heart is full and stirring with feelings and my mind is full and stirring with words, but time is short, and life is to be lived, and when given the choice I choose to live first, blog later. Or at least throw some words into cyberspace haphazardly, like now.


Sometimes the moonflower is beautiful in the morning.


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