Of Catchy Tunes and Other Joys

One hard fun part of this adventure is the amount of time the littles and I spend in the car and other close quarters…together.

When it’s hard, it’s REALLY hard (like too much farting, real or armpit, or arguing, real or imagined) but when it’s fun, it’s precious.

Like tonight’s ride home.

We have been learning a song at school that can be sung in a round. I asked if they would help me try it to see if we were ready to attempt it in class, and they did.

And it was precious.

It worked.

After a few successful run-thoughs, I thanked them, and they returned to their backseat conversation.

I overheard my son say, That’s a pretty catchy tune. I find myself just singing it sometimes.

Catchy. Who knew?

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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