Not in the plan but in THE PLAN (or What I DIDN’T eat today)

It’s an issue that is private
But presents a common theme
About life and how it doesn’t go
The way we like to dream.

It’s about how you can plan things
For days or months or longer
Then something comes that’s tough to face
Designed to grow you stronger.

It’s choosing to stay present
When you long to run and hide
To letting loved ones see the pain
That’s going on inside.

It’s not making assumptions
About what you think they’ll do
But allowing them to see the hurt
So they can care for you.

It’s the chance to see your story
From a new and different angle
To open up to changing
To help some knots untangle.

So while my words read vaguely
Like a prayer request unspoken
They’re meant to remind for today
We’re all the walking broken.

My broken this week is an unexpected (non-life-threatening) physical health issue presenting at an inconvenient time. I know that others have worse physical or emotional pain presenting constantly. There is a lot of hurt outside and inside of us all. Where is yours today, and how will you choose to face it? If you are in a good place, how will you celebrate that gift today?

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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