My Sweet Grace on Labor Day

There’s more to the Labor Day story.

Steve and I were in the kitchen cleaning up. He was cleaning up, at least. I was hanging out.

His phone dink-a-doo’d a text announcement. I see that it is our (female) friend, M.

Why is M texting you? I ask.

He has no idea, reads it, then reads it to me.  “Want me to pick you up at 1:00 for some me and you time at my niece’s pool?”

Immediately we know that she has mixed up our numbers which are only one off. We laugh, and I tell him to respond, and he does.

 “I don’t think Julie would appreciate that, though I’m flattered!” 

My phone then lights up, and my friend and I make plans for an afternoon together at the pool where we swim and relax and talk and bake in the sun.

What sweet, hilarious, Labor Day grace.

1 thought on “My Sweet Grace on Labor Day

  1. Davene Grace

    Oh my, that could have been very bad. I’m glad it was able to be a moment of hilarity for you, rather than anger! I personally think it’s incredibly funny…but I’m not sure I would have responded with as much grace as you did, if it happened to me… 😉


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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