My Newish Car

I have written before about Tree of Life Moments.

For me, they are a way to articulate those times when a hope deferred becomes a desire fulfilled. Often we live in hope for what we do not see. When our eyes open, and we are able to witness what we have longed for, we experience a moment.

Maybe it looks the way we thought it would. Maybe not. Maybe we are doing well to even notice that it is there. Maybe we miss moments due to discontent or forgetfulness.

A recent tree of life moment came recently through a series of events leading up to the purchase ofย a new to us car that has since become mine.

My sweet husband has heard my desire expressed over the years for the day when I would have a small, nondescript car to drive instead of a monstrous 14-passenger Chevy Express.

Once upon a time that van served us dearly and was its own tree of life moment, but seasons change, and no longer is a van of that size a necessity for our family.

The way the little car came to us felt like a hug from heaven. I say that knowing full well that good things happening does not equal more love from God. Still there are moments when the right conversation leads to the right followup and a moment of honesty opens the door to a gift waiting to be received.

I am grateful to be the recipient of this gift and every time I drive it I feel loved and heard. When my luvvvah would ask me what kind of car I wanted, I really couldn’t say. I had never dreamed specifics, only small and non-descript.

Now I know I like small, reddish-color cars with four doors and a sunroof. It’s a start.

5 thoughts on “My Newish Car

  1. Davene Grace

    I love your car. Even more, I love the patience you had in waiting for it, and the significance that it holds for you.

    It’s funny that you wrote this today because just tonight, when I was out by myself, I saw a friend of mine who commented on my Big White Van. It does feel kind of funny to ride around in it without any kids with me! And then I thought of you and your beautiful, small car. And then I came home and read this! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I want to be like you when I grow up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Stephanie

    Yay for your cute little car! This post greatly encouraged me to look for those tree of life moments in my own life as recently I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and buried where I am.
    Love you, sis.

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