My 2016 Goals Post

Thinking. Sorting. Writing. Dreaming. These are exactly the kinds of things I don’t have time for. When I finally snatch a few moments of silence, my brain goes into a freeze and my eyes go buggy. These are exactly the things my girl challenged her readers to do over the weekend in preparation for a 2016 goals link-up that she is hosting on her blog.

Go ahead and search the blog for my other goals posts. I’ll wait.

Did you find them? That’s because they aren’t there. The closest thing I have is the Mommy Muscle Monday series that I did to work on loving my children well one summer long ago.

It’s not that I haven’t set intentions or chosen words. I have done both.

I have never written down specific goals or put my goals out there for others to read and weigh in on. I don’t know that I have spoken many goals to anyone. There is a fragile place inside of me that feels quick to shatter, quick to defend, quick to take any off-blog comment made in humor or jest as a direct affront and mockery of me as a person.

There are deep, deep wounds that remind me they still need attention.

All of this leading up to a post about your goals, Julie? Really?

Do you hear it, too? The unkindness?

That is the background noise plaguing me as I work to organize my thoughts, but as I read on the wall of another daughter’s middle school this week while waiting for parent-teacher conferences,

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

I am ready to take a shot at this.

Goals for 2016:

  • Spiritual ~ Maintain daily quiet time and prayer, following current Bible reading plan. Journal responses and thoughts that result from that time. Spend time in stillness. Read one faith-based book/month.
  • Family ~ Connect with Steve intentionally each week on a heart-level. Risk sharing something scary or overwhelming inside of me with him during that time. Connect with at least one child intentionally each week. Keep track. Make the most of one~on~one impromptu moments that arise with the children. Keep track.
  • Social ~ Connect with at least one friend for coffee or conversation time each week. Say yes to fun. Make an effort to have people over to the house again starting with once/month. Adult kids and their guests are a bonus and not part of this number!
  • Physical ~ Do 20 minutes of yoga at least five times a week. Longer or more times is a bonus. Improve flexibility in my down dog. Practice presence on the mat. Consider walking Dewey as an opportunity to get exercise and fresh air and not an annoying burden built into my already full day!
  • Teaching ~ Organize my teaching materials and office space. Write an encouraging note to one student/week recognizing individuality and strengths.
  • Personal Development ~ Pursue the Allender Center’s Lay Counseling Certificate. Read one book per month related to personal growth.
  • Ministry ~ Attend Stephen Ministry meetings regularly. Participate actively. Return to worship team rotation at least once per cycle.
  • Financial ~ Take intentional time with Steve to go over the family finances and budget and grow in understanding of our financial goals together.
  • Writing ~ Schedule intentional time each week to write and work on the blog. Submit one Red Tent post for consideration each month.

7 thoughts on “My 2016 Goals Post

  1. maretta

    You’ve got some wonderful goals here. My first thought is that it’s a lot, so as you are working towards them, be gentle on yourself. (This coming from another no goal setter.)

    1. Julie

      Thank you for this reminder. It was helpful for me to put some concrete words to all that swarms in my head. I agree that it would be easy to become overly-ambitious, which is why I used words like “pursue” rather than “achieve” and “improve” and “practice.” I appreciate your support!

      1. maretta

        Hey, I’m just impressed you HAVE goals (not because of you, but because of me)! It seems like you thought through them to pick manageable, but solid ones. You’ll do great. 🙂

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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