Morning Sacrifice

I offer my morning sacrifice.
Such and insignificant, fragile thing.
A new day offered up to you, God, with all of its unknowns, is a place you have already been.

Passing through, moving forward, not turning around or looking behind, always keeping my eyes on you. I trust you for my protection.

Physical protection, yes, but protection for my heart even more.

You are in your holy temple ruling.
Watching us here on earth.
You see me, you see US, in the struggle.
None of it is unknown to you.

You have placed me in this struggle, chosen it for me, because you know something that I don’t ~ many things ~ about my heart.

You are at work.

Open my eyes to your good work.
Put pridefulness to rest and move me from a place of humility.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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