Mommy Muscle Monday

Many of my mommy muscles are weak. I realize this the more time I spend with my children. I’m not talking about my core, being stretched out eight times bearing babies. I’m talking about my heart. The one that is supposed to love and feel, not the blood pumping kind.

There are places inside that need exercise and work to firm up and strengthen and build stamina to keep on trying to mother well. It is a daily struggle.

Unlike a body that is out of shape, you can’t see an out of shape heart. You can observe its effects, though. Flabby patience, weak boundaries, exhausted escape techniques, atrophied engagement are a result of mommy muscles lying dormant inside.

This summer, as I observe which of my mommy muscles are weak, I hope to process, practice, and persevere in strengthening them. As with any form of exercise, it will be difficult, exhausting, uncomfortable, and not instantly gratifying. I will want to quit trying.

I plan to chronicle my progress in a Mommy Muscle Monday series.

This week’s muscle group, active engagement. I have several little friends coming to be my trainers.

Check back next Monday to see what I learned.

8 thoughts on “Mommy Muscle Monday

    1. Christine Anderson

      Setting yourself up with talking about how hard it “will” be may just make it harder. With the fruits of the Spirit claimed, victory is yours!!! God’s love is big enough!

      Can’t wait to hear how this summer and experiences with children enrich your life!

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