Mommy Muscle Monday ~ Training Little Helpers

Mommy Muscle Monday
Mommy Muscle Monday

This week found me focusing on working with children alongside of me. I didn’t have a plan other than to invite a different child to help with whatever I was doing, keeping mental track of who was asked, to give all a chance.

Of course, sometimes this backfired. If I phrased my request as a question, certain ones were fine, thank you, and didn’t need, or want, to help. Then a power struggle may or may not have ensued, and I had to re-evaluate my strategy.

Success in the laundry room was felt, as a little helper would stand by and fold and sort and clean the dryer vent.

The sweetest time was Thursday’s meal planning, though it didn’t feel sweet in the process.

Throughout my homemaking and mothering career, I have had seasons of wonderful menu planning and seasons of soup and bread and seasons of survival eating. Lately, it’s been a bit meh. We eat each night, but nothing spectacular, and it seems to take so much for me to be motivated to plan and grocery shop and cook.

So when I asked Coco what we should have for dinner and she said Stromboli, I went with it. Even more, I invited her and Little Mae to help fix it.

I pulled out the simple dough recipe and ingredients for them to mix up and tried to breathe deeply as flour spilled around during the stirring.

They did it!

They mixed two batches of dough and layered turkey and cheese down the middle (unconventional Stromboli, but we use what we have around here) and baked it, and it was delicious.

Identifying menu planning as a flabby-ish mommy muscle and seeing as how much Coco and Mae enjoyed helping, I am going to work on using Chef’s Helpers this week.

Ok, you moms out there…what works for you when you invite kids into the kitchen?


4 thoughts on “Mommy Muscle Monday ~ Training Little Helpers

  1. Stephanie

    Love this! I am proud of you for exercising those muscles, and making memories with your girls in the process. My little guy isn’t at the age where he can really help, yet, but when I nannied the girls always wanted to help! I think it would seem less stressful if you maybe put some ingredients like flour and sugar in smaller containers that they can use when they help. That way if any “double dipping” or spilling happens your whole bag of flour isn’t contaminated or on the floor, you know? Those kinds of “what ifs” tend to stress me out so if they have smaller amounts to work with you might be able to give them more freedom to make messes because it’s not your whole supply. : )

    1. mommypancis Post author

      What a great idea! Having user-friendly supplies for my helpers would be fun for them, too. I am thinking a lot about this (kid recipes and supplies) as I prepare for camp next week. Thanks for the feedback!

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