Mommy Muscle Monday ~ Switching out Seasons

An era has ended. Another begins. Life seasons sneak up and overtake and, before you know it, pass by. My life has been and is and continues to be so very full. So very uniquely….mine.

My summer has come to an end, and with it my Mommy Muscle Monday series.

When I set out to strengthen my Mommy Muscles I wasn’t sure where I was heading. I was eager to see what I would look like by the end of the summer. Would I be a more engaged mommy? Would my household be running smoothly with the aid of my little helpers? Would I be strong enough to push through a hard, unpredictable week and come out on the other side? What about meals? Would I ever get around to planning them?

What do I look like now that my summer has ended?

I look like my children’s classroom teacher.

I smile, because at the beginning of the summer, I had no idea this is where I was headed, but God knew, and writing this series was just one of the many kind ways I was prepared for this full-circle change.

I’ve done it before. I have taught my four older children in various capacities, then took a 12 year hiatus during which four more came. The baby is now five and starting kindergarten, and while I wasn’t looking to return to teaching, a classroom came looking for me.

It is a room full of precious children and comes with an amazing assistant teacher, and while this blog continues to be about heart composting and not my classroom adventures, devoted readers will understand a bit more about one of the many life transitions that is presenting in my world these days.

I am switching out a season of at-home-mommy for a season of teaching-at-school mommy, all the while hoping to seize each season of my life, as I grow into who I hope to become.


6 thoughts on “Mommy Muscle Monday ~ Switching out Seasons

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  2. Heather

    Blessings on this new chapter in your story! Thankful that He is faithful to lead us where we need to go…waiting in faithfulness for His direction here.

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