Mommy Muscle Monday ~ Letting Go

Mommy Muscle Monday

Mommy Muscle Monday

This week my letting go muscle will be working overtime as I travel away from home, leaving things to run without me. You know they can, right? I don’t always believe it, though.

Things around here will run just fine without me. Sometimes better. Or I should say differently.

Different is okay. It doesn’t mean better. Or worse. Just. Different.

I don’t have a link to insert here to take you to the ten steps to getting your home to run without you so that you can travel out of town. I have this, though. It’s a gift, really, being loved so well through my broken places.

Because letting go is one of those places. I struggle with defensiveness and with feeling undeserving. I struggle with expectations and shoulds placed on me by none other than…myself! I struggle to let go and have fun. If this trip were for tragedy rather than pleasure, it would be easy.

I will. Let go. I will trust that I can live in the moment and enjoy my time away with sisters and mom.

That is a gift.

Now I’m off to finish the ironing and prepare freezer meals…(juuuuust kidding!).

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