Mommy Muscle Monday – Interlude

Mommy Muscle Monday

Mommy Muscle Monday

Good Morning! Last week’s plan of having little chef’s helpers didn’t exactly come to pass. Monday’s leftover hotdogs didn’t need much assistance, Tuesday’s dinner at Grandma’s was fully prepared and ready to go when we arrived, Wednesday’s date night I fixed spaghetti and garlic toast for the kids, Thursday’s late day at the pool meant meat and cheese crackers, leftover porkchops from Grandma’s, and anything else I could pull from the fridge when we got home. Friday I extracted pizza dough from the freezer to thaw during the day and then made up the usual family night pizza myself.

No, that’s not entirely true. I had a chef’s helper….my 20 year old daughter!

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan!

I have a feeling I will MORE than be making up for it this week, though. You will have to check in next Monday to see what is meant by that vague statement.

I will leave you with a story from Father’s Day Sunday.

I was on worship team, and each of us contributes something to eat backstage, since it is a long morning. We bring a protein, sweet, fruit, juice, etc… I often fix an egg casserole. Father’s Day Sunday seemed a good day for that.

After second service, Coco and Roo were with me backstage straightening up the worship room. I received compliments on my egg casserole from others on team as they were leaving.

One particular man said to Coco in his southern drawl, Your mom is a gooooood coooook. I bet everything she cooks is deeeelicious.

Not really. There are three things that she cooks that are NOT good. Shepherd’s Pie. Chicken Pot Pie. And EGG CASSEROLE.

True story.

8 kids – 3 adults who don’t eat at home any more on a regular basis x 3 things that I fix that are not liked per person = 15 things that I make that are not enjoyed by all. It’s complicated to prepare meals that everyone likes unless they are bought at Costco, dumped from a bag, and heated in the oven.

But I keep trying.

Check back next Monday to see what kind of Mommy Muscle Insanity Workout Blitz took place this week!

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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