Midweek Musings

It is day three of my new normal. The kids are in school for a few more hours. The house is silent. I am shifting and settling into something that might eventually resemble a routine, just not yet.

When I was teaching, I would give myself three weeks to a month before making a judgment on whether the year was working or not. It always ended up working just the way it was supposed to. Adjusting takes time.

I am adjusting.

Rising early to get the day started with the family, without the added pressure of getting myself somewhere on time has been a pleasant adjustment. Learning the new kitchen dance of school mornings, without the demand of getting everyone out the door like a well-oiled machine, has made things more calm and less chaotic.

This year we are in three different schools, down from our record of five. We drop off and pick up this batch of kids, the ones who were babies when their elder siblings were riding buses. While you cannot do over, you can choose to do differently. You can also have conversations about how others were affected by the choices you made.

Lots of those hard conversations are happening now that I have more unstructured time. No two, or eight, children grow up in the same family. I am adjusting to hearing truth and experiences shared with me from all of the perspectives, as the next generation steps up into the shoes of the first, and the first navigates adulthood. It looks a lot different this go around, especially as there are no infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in the equation.

The first two hours of my day focus on getting people fed and where they belong. When I arrive home after the final drop-off, Dewey eagerly runs to his leash, ready for a morning walk. This has become the beginning of a routine for us, as I walk him and think about the day. Sometimes a sister calls, or I call a sister (or daughter).

I am working out the time at home between drop-off and pick-up. I still have a brain racing to think of all of the things, when it really needs to slow down. I am practicing slow. I am not getting to all of the things. I get to some. I am learning things about myself that cannot be learned at breakneck speed.

This is where I am. I am grateful for the space to figure out what is next and the gift of learning to be more present in what is now.

How about you, Dear Readers? Where does this start of the new school season find you?

3 thoughts on “Midweek Musings

  1. Marilyn Frazee

    Well, it is one thing to read about your new days, your new changes, to think about mine while I read about yours, but then to have you ask . . . Point blank? Yikes! Lord, I need to actually put in words what I am going through, inside?

    The start of the new school season finds me sitting in my brown recliner, feet up, right arm in sling, hooked up to ice machine. My mind races with how easy it is, even in this condition, to not rely upon God, to charge ahead, get things done, react. Yes, I am slowed down, but am I thinking? Praying? Trusting? I am not. So, forgive me Lord! Thank you for Julie “calling me out” on where I am at, and help me to fully rest in You right now! You are God! I am glad!

    1. Julie Post author

      Yes! Fully resting in God right now is exactly where you are to be. Allow the externals of recliner, sling, and ice machine to remind you that it is okay to give the internals space to just rest, heal, and rely, also. Sometimes we need that very visible reminder! May you find space for kindness, joy, and delight as a daughter of God, not because of what you can DO for him but just because of who you ARE in him. I am so glad we had face time this summer! Gentle hugs and many prayers for a swift recovery.

      1. Marilyn Frazee

        Thank you Julie! God is at work . . . To the point of having yesterday’s devotion, in my devotion plan of reading through the Bible in one year, speak directly to me. Oh my!
        I was dealing with some humility issues and He emphasized what was needed in my life. Ended up digging into King Asa’s life and learned from God! Keep calling out and relying on Him. Talk to Him first! God took me through yesterday in a special way as I sought Him first.
        Now, for this new day, I choose to rest in Him!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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