Meanwhile, Elsewhere

There’s an improv game that I remember Steve participating in during one of his earliest No Strings Attached shows. It was called, Meanwhile, Elsewhere, and involved quick scene changes and fast-paced multiple storylines.

A scene would begin, say, in the cafeteria, and then after a bit someone would say, Meanwhile, in the library. . . and another scene would be going on that somehow tied to the first. I’m sure there is a strategy or game plan to the sketch. I just remember Steve running into scenes and adding more to them by saying, Meanwhile in PE class . . . and his fellow improvisationists would have to pick up the slack of the scene.

I am feeling a bit Meanwhile, Elsewhere about life, right now. There has been so much excitement and processing about being accepted into the certificate program that I have been playing heavily into that scene. The fund-raising site launch added another dimension, keeping my mind intensely focused on that aspect of life.

Meanwhile, Elsewhere, end-of-year concerts and performances are taking place. A senior son is wrapping up his high school percussion career and a fourth grade daughter is beginning hers. They shared the stage together for the final number of a collaborative dance, percussion, and Orff ensemble concert at the high school.

Since this begins Fine Arts Week(s) in the city, there are many more performances coming up over the next two weeks. I am trying to savor the moments in the midst of the madness. One minute I wonder how we could ever do this, and the next I am thinking how could we NOT?

Sibling Percussionists

This makes it all worthwhile. These people.


I want to hold these next days and weeks close. I don’t want to miss a thing. As another bird readies to launch, it’s not quite time, yet. There is still much to celebrate and savor as I live life in the Meanwhile, Elsewhere. . .

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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