Mealtime Grace

Sometimes it just comes together, like mealtime Tuesday night.

Well, Mom, I’d say your experiment was a success! This is delicious.

The dinner hour has always been messy at this house. Numerous tricks, techniques, and systems have been tried over the years to ensure a pleasant mealtime, or a passable mealtime, or a getting everyone fed before everything falls completely to pieces mealtime.

Tuesday, I arrived home from work and a late afternoon appointment to a kitchen waiting for dinner to materialize. Little Mae, excited to see her toys after a long day, went off to play. I opened the refrigerator door to get a meal vibe going.

A bowl of leftover enchilada filling (chicken and wild rice style) was dumped into a pot on the stove. Leftover crock pot chicken broth was skimmed and added to it, along with a can of condensed milk and some cumin.

As that heated and simmered, tortillas were brushed with olive oil and cut into strips to make homemade crunchy tortilla strips (this was the experiment part).

The white chili was served with cheese and sour cream and tortilla strips to rave reviews. Everyone ate it. And liked it.

Either it was really that good, OR people were famished after a long day. Nevertheless, it was a good feeling; one that I wanted to savor and formulatize.

How can I have a successful family mealtime like this EVERY night? What trips, steps, and plans must I implement?

Truth is, I can be grateful for grace when it happens, and on this particular evening, it happened in my kitchen and at my dinner table after a long day.

And it was sweet.

Where have you found grace for the moment or hour or day? 

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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