Mantle Mirror Selfie

This old house of ours came with two vintage tiled faux fireplaces with mirrored mantles.

They never housed real fireplaces, but they conceal ductwork and provide an interesting feature in both the dining and living rooms.

They also provide surfaces for collecting all manner of detritus and decor and displaced objects that become irreplaceable once removed by me. The mirrors enhance this eclectic effect by reflecting everything back from all angles for a full-blown display of clutter.

Even my mantles are a struggle!

It’s tricky to get a good picture of them without actually being in the picture. Below is an attempt.fall mantleAbove is the dining room mantle before. There are pipe cleaner animals, a hand-drawn Thank You card from our new college student neighbors (one of many differences between a houseful of girls and one of boys upon receiving our traditional  welcome gift of Cheerios and milk), and North, my winter penguin beanie boo, because he is so special (another time, another post), and nuts, because I am!fall mantle afterAfter from a different angle. This is my version of fall, 2014.  It’s adding the yarn pumpkins to the Willow Tree Shepherdess that is supposed to be Christmas, but she stays out all year. It’s the vintage cheese crocks from a smashing cheese and sausage sale back in the early 1980’s and the pictures my luvvvah and I painted one date night. It’s the Great Wall of China hanging and the antique Chinese window and more Willow Tree, even though I don’t officially collect them, and it looks as if I do.

There’s a rescued terrarium and a Thanksgiving sign crafted by a child and a few candles. Maybe I will light them sometime. Maybe not. I have to be careful with candles in this house. That’s also for another post.

There’s always more to our stories, isn’t there?

Below is the living room mantle complete with a basket of instruments, a fall picture painted by Katie and toddler sisters, meaningful fake fall flowers (one arrangement made by a friend, one silk sunflower that adorned a gift given by another, this is the stuff I find beautiful), a bird on its side, Artemis Fowl boxed book set, and a tapestry of the 23rd Psalm reflected in the room mantleThose are the mantles in all of their fall glory, Friends.

Thank you, as always, for grace.

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