Friendship Friday ~ Make New Ones

So here we are.

Today Steve and I will load up the not-so-littles and drive to the campus of George Mason University for our second-born’s graduation.

It’s a pretty big milestone. I am learning that when you have eight children, pretty big milestones happen all the time. Like every year or so, at least. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but that’s just me.

Throughout the course of his college experience, my son has had an amazing girlfriend.

I first met Dana the weekend their freshman year when they drove through the ‘burg on the way to a retreat. She reminded me a bit of my sister, Sharon.

These past four years, Dana has experienced McClay family vacation (not for the faint of heart) while Caleb was recovering from mono simultaneously. Yes, you CAN fall asleep in line while waiting for a ride at Busch Gardens. She has come back to vacation with us again after that. She has joined us for wedding festivities and so much more in between.

So, she has been around awhile.

She’s not the new friend. Her parents (hopefully) are! We shall find out later today.

To clarify, we are meeting them because both of our children are graduating from college and have been a couple throughout their college years, and we will all be in the same place at the same time. There is no other announcement or engagement, etc.

I say this, because once I received a text from a friend asking me how it felt that my son was engaged, because she had heard from a friend who saw some cute pictures on facebook. I admit that the pictures were cute, but that was the talent of their photographer-friend and not the glow of engagement photos. Enough said!

So after our second-borns participate in the ceremonies from their respective departments, we will converge at my son’s house for a joint cook-out. We will meet in real life (as opposed to virtually, which we have already done), and celebrate the amazing people that we raised.

I have no qualms about telling you, Dear Readers, that I am nervous and struggling a bit with my life-stage. It comes out in situations like this where I feel overwhelmed by the fact that I haven’t been able to up and take off for a weekend to meet Dana’s parents sooner like many normal season of life with college kids parents might have.

It comes out when I feel stressed just taking four younger siblings to another graduation (is it like VCU when we sat for Katie’s last year?), let alone a graduation and then a party to meet new people.

It reminds me of how I worry too much about what people think.

This is me. This is us. This is our life. And frankly, Dana is such a beautiful, kind woman, that I am confident she didn’t get that way by accident. I am looking forward to meeting the grown-ups who grew her up.

But first I need to bake the Italian Pastry.

1 thought on “Friendship Friday ~ Make New Ones

  1. Stephanie

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Dana is a bright light wherever she goes. <3 I can't believe Bubsie is graduating from COLLEGE! So proud of him. And of you guys.
    Love you!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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