Love is defrosting the deep freeze.

True Story.

The deep freeze had a thick layer of frosty buildup. It needed to be cleaned out and defrosted. I had been fixing food from it and not adding more to it, hoping to get this task accomplished before school started.

Different times of year, certain seasons, push my must do this NOW button, and the beginning of the school year urges me to stock the freezer with pizza dough and other easy meals and snacks for busy days. Frosty the Freezer urged me to slow down and back off.

Living in the tension, I tell you!

It was a brilliant plan.

I began by getting rid of the thickly-iced, freezer-burnt items. Next came meals fixed with food from that freezer. Finally, the remaining salvageable items were moved to the kitchen freezer.

Little by little.

I requested no stock up shopping trips by other members of the family, allowing them (okay, the one other person who would grocery shop) in on the plan.

School started.

Freezer, heavy-laden with frost, devoid of provisions for quick workday meals, sat quietly marking time and reminding me of the Genesis 3 world in which we live.

Why am I not surprised?

Facebook brought plenty of links to my attention, promising piles of freezer meals, prepared in minimal time, yielding maximum results. With shopping lists, no less!

Give us this day our daily bread.

It was all I could do.

Weekend arrived, and I had no plans other than to survey what had just happened to my world and to unplug that freezer. I went out to the back porch. The kitchen setLifting the lid to the deep freeze, I peered in and was warmed by


My luvvvah had beaten me to the task and a tidy, frostless box sat cleaned out with minimal provisions lining its floor, waiting to be restocked.

That’s going to happen. Sometime. Just not today or probably tomorrow. Soon, though. Maybe.

Thanks, Love. 

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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