Love Grows Here

It’s painted on the house number sign, made one date night years ago. I chose the house number sign, my luvvvah chose the butter dish.

Right now it’s propped on a chair outside of the side entrance due to the porch project this summer. The house number. The butter dish is broken in a drawer.

fall glory

That $3 chair from Gift and Thrift changes throughout the seasons. Right now, it embraces fall glory.

Here’s how it welcomed Spring.


Last year’s fall look is below. See the naked grapevine wreath? This year I dressed it up by stuffing random fake leaves and seed pods into it. Read all about it here. Sorry. There’s not a tutorial.


I’m trying to figure the point of this post other than to remind myself and others that change happens and can be good. I struggle with change.

Imagine that!

Working with what you have is fulfilling. Intentionally seeking out the broken and discarded to create beauty is meaningful. Trusting your instincts is freeing. Being content with what you have is priceless.

For me it’s a struggle.

All of the above.

I will continue the battle and fight forward to win.

I will continue to choose to cultivate love.

1 thought on “Love Grows Here

  1. Aunt Marilyn

    Intentionally seeking out the broken and discarded to create beauty . . . I like that line! That is what God is having us do with people’s lives! I too will keep pressing on! In love!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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