Love Came

Love came to me today
in a bag filled with goodness
from Trader Joe’s.

Love was left at my house
as I was driving home from
time at the pool.

Love is my mom and dad
caring enough to know me
adding extras.


I requested one item. Guess what it was? What one thing should have been in this bag? For the record, there are 2 bottles of red wine, a box of black Panda licorice, dark chocolate and turbinado sugar sea salt covered almonds, and dark chocolate sea salt caramel candy bars.

7 thoughts on “Love Came

    1. Julie

      Close! There WAS chocolate involved. The candy bars. Mom just happened to remember how much I loved the others and added them to the bag.

  1. Rachel

    The food looks delish. 🙂 Josh said that they were playing with Kanah at the pool today. I must have been super engrossed in my book and need to pay better attention next time. :/ I did see you from a distance as we were getting ready to leave. Hope all is going well and the littles are enjoying their summer.

    1. mommypancis Post author

      That is HILARIOUS! I wondered where Kanah was, because I was by the baby pool with my friend and her little boy, and I hadn’t seen her for awhile. So I went off to find her and saw she was playing with 2 boys (not unlike her at all since most of her friends are boys) at the far end. I also saw this hot mama reading a book (looking good!). Kanah swam over to me but didn’t tell me who she was playing with. I didn’t know it was you or your boys or I would have totally been over saying hi. It IS going well, and this was our last big hurrah before I return to (drumroll, please) TEACHING this year. So you have been on my mind even MORE than usual. Hugs!

        1. Julie

          Yes. The only thing constant at the house these days is change. New season. Ten years older, I am returning to work with my kids in their classroom, a job that Rachel did amazingly well as I was having the 4 littles. We also worked together even before that when I was teaching. So she ended up being one of the first to know because of her comment.. You the second, because you actually READ my comments and leave some of your own. Love you, Friend. Will catch up soon. 🙂


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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