Little Mae’s Milestone

My baby graduated from kindergarten.

She learned to read this year.

She walked across the stage to receive her diploma from a new principal. She was the first McClay kid to not have her dad hand her that diploma.

Her teacher gave her the character trait of honesty. Read between the kindergarten lines.

It means that when playing mommies with her friends before school, she announces loudly, “I’m 42 like my mom, right Mom? You’re 42?”

It means that when sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for an appointment, she asks the Mennonite lady waiting, as well, about her head covering, concluding with, “So are you a pilgrim?”

It means that when Mommy takes the “What kind of friend are you?” quiz on Facebook (because how else would we learn about ourselves in 10 easy questions?) and gets the honest one as a result, the little apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

It was a big evening for her.

It was also a big evening for her mom and siblings, as I directed the music part of the program and gave out end-of-the-year awards to my students.

Kirkle accompanied a few songs on the piano, played the difficult hand chime accompaniments, and passed out the kindergarten props.

Coco organized the chimes and played several difficult parts as well as performed both a solo and duet on the recorder.

Roo accompanied a kindergarten version of Old McDonald with the recorder, playing five verses. She also managed several difficult chime parts and performed both a solo and duet on the recorder.

It was a big night for everyone and a wonderful end to our very full school year and kickoff to the wedding weekend!

2 thoughts on “Little Mae’s Milestone

    1. Julie

      Well, noooo, not exactly. But she WAS a kind mother of 6, who, at the checkout desk together, told me she wasn’t offended by all of the questions. I told her we were Presbyterian, and we both had a good laugh. I mean, we are all sort of pilgrims.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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