Lessons from a Date Night Redo

When your husband makes an effort to redeem a date night fail, graciously accept.

When you are struggling with ambivalence, keep pushing through it.

When you don’t do fun well, keep trying.

When the babysitter arrives at your chaotic house, acknowledge your awkwardness with the mess and be grateful she was willing to be there on short notice.

When your feelings get hurt during the long car ride over, don’t let it ruin the entire evening, even though you might be tempted.

When the parking attendant waves you through, because you don’t have enough cash to pay for the parking that was free yesterday, be grateful.

When you find your ADA ticketed seats and are immediately swooped down upon by an ancient usher to prove your right to sit there, just show your ticket graciously. It’s not personal. (ADA must be Americans with Disabilities Act, because they were chairs in a great location. So nice not to feel claustrophobic in the middle of a row.)

When the music to West Side Story begins, sit back and enjoy the show. Be thankful for generous friends who gifted you with tickets for a fabulous date night that actually worked the second time around!


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