Lessons from a Date Night Fail


When someone gives you free tickets to an event in Charlottesville, telling you it is on a Wednesday, read the day for yourself on the actual ticket before making elaborate travel and babysitting plans.

When crunched for time, Jimmy John’s make great eating on the run. Hold the oil and ask for extra napkins.

When you need a boost of energy, stop for coffee. Always.

When traffic is easy and parking is light, try looking at your actual ticket.

When you are a day early for the event, try to stay present and enjoy the moment for what it is.

When you decide to visit Whole Foods Market, keep an eye on your man. Or at least stay close and engaged. And buy sea salted caramels to eat on the way home.

When you are driving home, look out the windows and be blessed by the beauty.

When riding in the car together for an hour each way, take advantage of time to talk. Risk talking about real things.

When you get a date night, enjoy it for what it is. Time together. Enjoy the person you are with fully, and it’s never a fail!

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