Lego Creations for Littles

101_2487(Still looking back…)

You can see Coco’s zoo on the left and her house on the right. Kirkle and Coco had fun with Duplos this week. It’s fun to see them playing with toys that we got when our bigs were little.

Shani remembers when we kept the bin of Duplos upstairs at Nick and Deanna’s when they lived in the Belmont house. Our kids would go up there to play when we would visit them in their “pre~kid” days. Shani also remembers that one green base had Katie’s name on the back and the other had Caleb’s. So she would have to build her creations on the floor without a base. Yet another injustice of being number three! I apologized to her for that oversight, and she forgave me.

It’s funny that the thought popped into my head this week…”This is great for Kirk and Coco, but what about when Roo is big enough to build? How did we do it with the others?”

I got my answer today!!!! I hope I can find another green base!

It’s sad, really. I never got another green base. The kids learned to figure it out, make do, and squabble over who got what. We still have the Duplos and Little Mae enjoys them now. She gets all of the bases to herself.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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