It’s hard to find the laughter
That lurks among the tears
While trying to make sense of
My journey through the years.

Here at the end of Proverbs,
She sits and waits for me~
An obvious reminder
Of all I cannot be.

Oh virtuous, excellent woman
Your grandiose measuring scale
I’ve tried to level up to.
Instead, I’ve come to fail.

Many others wiser
Have revealed the mystery of you.
They say you are all about seasons~
Not a to do.

So rather than try to figure it out,
I’ll be open
 what I find.
I’ll learn to speak words of wisdom,
to be loving.
to be kind

I’ll search for and put on the clothing
Of strength and dignity
So I can laugh at what’s to come
The future that will be.

~finishing Proverbs with gratefulness that I’m not identified by my charm or beauty~
~Thank you for joining me on this journey.~

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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