Just Throwing them All Away

Daddy is throwing away ALL of our memories!

This cry reached my ears one evening, as I was doing dishes or some other domestic chore. I looked out the window to see what was being so recklessly discarded and, sure enough, there on the curb waiting for heavy trash day were several large items.

Your comfortable bed!
Holds many wonderful memories, but it also holds the key to waking with an aching back.

Our favorite swimming pool!
Outgrown several summers ago and finally cracked down the middle this winter.

Our old bench from the porch!
Handmade from wood from the old pantry cupboard, weighs a ton, sends paint chips everywhere, time to go.

You might remember that for Lent I was giving up clutter. There’s a reason why I didn’t commit to posting a bag or so each day. Some days it happened. Others it didn’t. That is life. Some days large memories were kicked to the curb. Others, small bits were discreetly concealed in boxes or bags and carried out the back door.

It took some reassuring that we were not throwing away our children’s memories. They will always remember snuggling with us after a nightmare or splashing in the kiddie pool with their friends, or sitting on the front porch bench blowing bubbles and scraping off flecks of paint. We were discarding things that were no longer useful or needed.

It would be too easy if we could throw their memories away. I can think of quite a bit that I’d rather they not remember!

3 thoughts on “Just Throwing them All Away

    1. mommypancis Post author

      Oh no! I’m sorry 🙁 To be fair, I did, too, but it was time to bless someone else with it. I still have my memory of Dad building it for me when he took out the old pantry, and I was being all sentimental.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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