Journey on My Mind

October, 2012 found me in Michigan for My Journey Continues to process some more of my story.

It was good. It was painful. It was redemptive. It was life-changing.

Just like My Journey Begins was the previous fall.

This year I am in a different place. I am not packing my bags for a week of intense emotional work. I am living in a place of intense emotion and taking opportunity to practice what was learned about my heart over the past two seasons. To grow in different ways. To stay present and feel the feelings I have denied, because they were too painful or too joyful.

It’s hard.

There are longings for the connection and community that I experienced there. There is facing the reality that we were created for more than a superficial life with superficial relationships. There is accepting what is at the stage of life and just enjoying the journey.

I am grateful for the small reminders that present in the midst of my big life, like my tea and favorite mug in the midst of a full school day last week.

3 thoughts on “Journey on My Mind

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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