In a Good Way

I’m going to struggle though in a good way, she said hopefully, as a buttered English muffin was placed next to her and hot coffee poured into her mug.

So began Monday morning, a snow day, a day home with the children, and birthday of child five.

Kirk's birthday

He got a day off for his twelfth birthday. How exciting! Child six, who turns 10 on Thursday, may not get such a gift, but she is the one who got a card in the mail today!


So she struggled through yoga and finishing the Christmas card project and the entering of countless addresses into her laptop. She struggled through the transition from episode pick to play time to lunch and quiet time.


She had a meaningful phone conversation. Two of them, actually.

She rested.

She soaked in the tub.

She baked a cookie cake and rotated laundry and texted with her son.

cookie cake

She let go of all of the shoulds that tried to drag her down and just did what she wanted to.

And a little bit of what she needed to but mostly what she wanted.

She struggled in a good way today.

All the way to the end.

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