How Are You?

How am I?

How do I answer? How do you?

I am overwhelmed, grateful, excited, blessed, nervous, insecure, ambivalent, humbled, prideful, dazed, tense, stressed, tired, eager, anticipating, happy, sad, celebrating, grieving.

I am a messier mess than usual these days. This week.

It is really the end of the planning and beginning of the celebrating. 6 days to go!

Overwhelmed by all that needs to happen this week to get to Friday
Grateful for all of the work my daughter has done to plan her wedding
Excited to celebrate with all of our friends and family who will be there
Blessed to be the mother of the bride
Nervous to don my mother of the bride costume and play the role
Insecure about my abilities to pull this end of the year week off
Ambivalent about most everything having to do with celebrating
Humbled by those who have fixed meals, come in early to help, taken over my nursery duty
Prideful of my amazing kids, both students and biological, and their accomplishments
Dazed when I think of how far there is to go to get where we need to be
Tense when I start to make it too much about me
Eager to get this party started
Anticipating an amazing experience
Happy that summer is almost here
Sad that there only a few days left with my girl before the season changes
Celebrating life
Grieving the passing of time

That’s how I am.

How are YOU?

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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