Sometimes hospitality looks like, “If you’re willing, we’re willing.”

It looked like that wedding weekend at our house when my son’s girlfriend spent the night with us. It looked like that getting ready for the newlyweds to spend a weekend here watching the little sibbies. It looks like that whenever my son gets a weekend off to come home.

I struggle with hospitality. Having people into my home does not come easily or naturally, and it has only been recently that I have even felt comfortable here myself.

It’s hard for me to believe that people would want to be here. Add to that the stress of a mess and crowded quarters, and it becomes pretty difficult for me to imagine having house guests, let alone doing it.

And yet . . .

We have had many house guests over the years. I’m sure of it. There have been seasons of graciousness and seasons of grace. We are in one of grace, these days.

These days, hospitality looks like clean sheets and towels with a package of cleaning wipes on top just in case.


Of course I dream of gracious guest rooms and cozy quarters and scrumptious breakfasts, and that may happen one day. For now, though, if you’re willing, we’re willing, will have to do.

And that’s okay. So, Come on over!

If you’re willing, we’re willing.

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