Holding Fast

Holding fast to one another
Twenty-three years married to each other
Not always easy
Not always fun
Sometimes tempted to just turn and run

Holding fast to one another
When fear whispers, Run for cover!
And storms are raging
With wind blowing strong
Sometimes tempted to think we were wrong


Holding fast to one another
Being seen within the struggle
Letting in and
Opening up to whatever comes

To take the cup
And lift it high
And raise a toast
to us
Who of all are the most

Unlikely to be

Holding fast to one another
While growing
Trying not to smother
The gifts and the grace and the good that’s been given
In the drudgery of daily living

Because it’s hard
We cannot pretend that this isn’t our hard
It may be to the end
But while

Holding fast to one another
We’ve been able to see and to discover
A journey that’s bigger than
Just about us
In which we are learning to
Hope and to trust
And return to the roots of who we once were
As these once young, fun dreamers begin to mature

Holding fast.

Twenty-three years, really? How did that happen? Happy Anniversary to US!

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