Holding and Trusting

In the midst of all that feels overwhelming these days, I have been gifted with grace upon grace. From messages from and conversations with heart friends to stumbling upon an old photo album that brought much-needed tears, I feel loved and seen.

Yesterday morning my heart was clenched by a fist of fear. It happens when I carry too much on my shoulders. When the over-responsibility beast rears its ugly head. 

I was fearfully checking into something parental, fully expecting a negative outcome. Instead I was surprised by the positive. I know this sounds incredibly vague, but you have to trust me here. 

The bottom line is that the discovery felt like a huge hug for my heart. It reminded me that even though the days are long and full, there is goodness happening all around, much of which I don’t even see (or hear!). 

I am holding this as a reminder to the catestrophic thinker in me to continue trusting that God is always at work completing the goodness begun in us all. There is much goodness. 

I can hold onto and trust in that. I can practice seeing the positive. I can release the over-responsibility and wait to see what will happen. 

2 thoughts on “Holding and Trusting

  1. Therea Howard

    Julie, thank you for giving to me the attunement of Jesus yesterday. Your heart embraced each of us around the table, and I am so grateful for what I gleaned from just being with you. As Dan
    has said, “All glory fades.” The anticipation of attending this event was energizing, and there is disappointment in returning to a place of feeling a bit alone. Perhaps we can talk soon. I look forward to getting to know you more through your blog.

  2. Julie Post author

    Thank you so much for reaching out to me in this space, Theresa! As I continue to process what stirred in my heart over the weekend and what God might have on the horizon, your words brought a reconnection to possibilities. I started this blog with the hopes that fellow travelers might find it and know that they are not alone on the journey. I am so glad to welcome you to this space and look forward to where the journey will take us. Stay awhile! Every Blessing!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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