Heart Full to Bursting

What a wonderful Mothers Day.

The thing is, as I moved through the day, I realize more and more how loved and celebrated I am EVERY day and how sweet my family is to me (most of the time!).

After my morning on worship team, I came home to a delicious lunch prepared by Steve with ALL of my children present PLUS two extra-special significant someones in attendance. Caleb and Dana drove from NoVA to surprise me!

I took a nap.

I hung out with the amazing adults my children are becoming.

Katie made me cappuccino (the REAL kind). Steve dug and planted more herbs in my herb garden. Dana baked chocolate chip cookies. Shani spent the afternoon with us doing hair wraps and chilling. Caleb planned the surprise trip out to visit. Kieran provided fun commentary and the littles offered comic, and not-so-comic relief.

We walked to Klines for ice cream.

We looked at pictures together.

We laughed, and I cried.

A frustration that I am experiencing is trouble uploading media from my camera or computer to my blog, so that is why there aren’t “real” pictures. There are some on facebook, though. Check them out.

I am so blessed in my mess!


1 thought on “Heart Full to Bursting

  1. Stephanie

    I am so thankful that you were able to experience these blessings today, and also see the blessings that are in the day to day. I love you, sweet sister!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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