Hardship Friday ~ Guest Blogger

I’m going to tell you what it feels like to be a fourth grader riding the bus for the first time.

It was the dismissing time of day and I was going to ride the bus for the very first time in my life. Instead of my mom picking me up I would ride the bus. I was feeling like a nervous wreck and like I was going to throw up.

When they told the Boys and Girls club to go to the gym I was starting to worry. When they told walkers and riders to go to the cafeteria, the first bus was called.

I don’t remember which one but it wasn’t number Five. (did i mention that was the one I was riding?) Then the second one was called it still wasn’t number five though. Then number five was called. I was really paranoid. But some of my friends were coming so I was kinda comforted.

When they were dropping kids off at some places around my block I was getting freaked out when they were going to a different block/street. I started to cry until my friend comforted me. Luckily I was sitting by someone that lived on my street.

When I got off the bus where I was SUPPOSED to I started to walk up the sidewalk then my mom came down too. I ran up and hugged her, and my bus troubles were over.

Thank you God for Helping me, Roo.

4 thoughts on “Hardship Friday ~ Guest Blogger

  1. Aunt Marilyn

    Thanks for sharing your experience on the bus and how God helped you through it! Praising Him with you!!

  2. Pam Barnum

    Rest assured your faith teachers belonging to Christ were praying for you. I prayed for my students . We do see. Those worried faces.

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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