Happy New Year!

The big word reveal will take place in the true morning, but until then…I am posting some scenes from our celebration

DSCN3292Coco narrated a play at the children’s theater as children came out in costumes…I’m not sure where she gets this.

DSCN3293Roo read the news.

DSCN3300Cotton candy and hot apple cider were the snack of choice for the first of 3 outdoor shows.

DSCN3303My favorite comedian.


DSCN3327Kids’-eye view.

DSCN3338Just (bubble wrap) dance!

DSCN3341Special guest appearance.


DSCN3345Can never have too many chipmunk suggestions.

DSCN3330My favorite of the troupe.



DSCN3360The walk home.

DSCN3362Smile! We made it to the after-party! 

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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