Happy Birthday, Baby Sis!

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Tears, Anyone? Ok, more like sobs.

Today is my grown-up baby sister’s birthday.

I could say a lot of amazing things about her and what a great lover of Jesus and worship leader and wife and mother and sister and gospel heart friend she is. And it would all be true.

But what I would rather share is this little story about what I love so much about her and about us and our crazy-big, messy family of origin.

We just spent an epic Christmas together. And by epic, I mean ALL siblings and their spouses and children. Below are just the children and some spouses with their grandparents.


Koi and Momas are the smallest.

We got to spend lots of time together at various houses doing life.

The reality of this struck in this scene from after the festivities.

Little Mae was caring for her Bitty Baby one evening, preparing food for her. She scurried around looking for a bowl and spoon to use. As she rifled around for a sippy cup, she stopped suddenly, as if experiencing a lightbulb moment and said, I know! I’m a mom! I can just feed her with these! and pointed to her chest.

This was a big deal, because her siblings all witnessed breastfeeding, but she was the last one and hasn’t had the same day-to-day experience.

She got to experience a lot of it with her Aunt Steph feeding her baby cousin.

And the lightbulb moment of connection was so, so sweet.

Happy Birthday, Dear Sister! Thank you for being the realest of real and for loving those in your world so well.

I am so blessed to be one of those sharing your world, even if from a distance.

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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