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This morning I woke to this email from child 3. I am obliging her through tears, because it is painful for me to hear this, but I need to, because it is true. These happened.

Can i have a guest blog post to tell everyone how much i love you

100 ways you loved one of your eight kids on a budget

1. Let me come to your ruby tuesday birthday lunch
2. Took time last minute out of you day to go to You Made It and paint banks for change to see each other when I grow up
3. Took me to the movies on a whim when I was in middle school with a bright idea after dinner
4. Let me make fun of you for thinking a size 16 skirt fit
5. Took random long shopping trips to Michaels
6. Brought me smoothies and Jimmy Johns countless times at work
7. Played mumford and sons pandora radio for me to fall asleep to on the couch after getting me early from school
8. Painted candy pots to raise money for choir trips
9. Celebrated my half birthday with me so I could celebrate with my friends at school
10. Redecorated my room into a jungle theme during the school day
11. Dry cleaned my comforter
12. Bought me vitamins
13. Burst into my room when I was blaring music and said ‘I’m just going to come right out and say it’
14. Helped me get out of musical when I was in over my head
15. Took me to smoothie king after every dentist appointment
16. Picked me up from school to go to the Chiropractor every Tuesday
17. Let me stay at home to help with Kirk when you were pregnant
18. Were always on my side and ready to stand up for me
19. Surprised me with size seven clothes that you ordered online because I was seven. Even though they were too small I felt so special.
20. Would scratch my head and play with my hair when I was sad.
21. Gave me foot massages when I was stressed
22. You were always there to hold me when I would come through the door late from work crying
23. Made me my favorite food
24. Bought me necklaces from your trips
25. Made me a Halloween basket my freshman year
26. Dragged me out of my room to go to my surprise birthday party
27. Always kept your eye out for doll furniture
28. The Shirt you made me at the mother daughter retreat
29. Giving me my own room
30. Moving everyone around so I could have the room I loved my senior year
31. Would buy me face wash and nose strips
32. My graduation party
33. Keeping my report card on the fridge
34. The time we got a black and white picture sketch at the mall
35. Signed me up for curves and took me almost every day to make me feel better about myself
36. Bible School
37. Taking me to pedicures on my last day of school and birthday
38. My massage on vacation
39. Buying me bath and body work candles
40. Letting me wear your skirts even though they were way to big
41. Buying me pants for P.E.
42. Fixing my hair cut
43. Taking me to NJ
44. Taking me on countless trips
45. Buying me holiday socks
46. Caring about Jason
47. Giving me space
48. The presents when Kirk was born
49. Kingston delight
50. Braiding my hair
51. Sewing the doll quilt
52. Taking me to Charlottesville
53. Buying me Wet Seal
54. Getting me starbucks with your card
55. Valentines day cookies
56. Not getting angry when I broke the big bowl to your plate set and went all the way outside to tell you when you got home
57. Taking me to get my passport
58. Encouraging me to go to Bolivia
59. Buying me Justice sunglasses in Ohio
60. Picking me up from school every time I needed you
61. Buying band pictures and being proud
62. Letting me make American Girl wish lists online
63. Buying me naked drinks and grapefruit
64. Letting me get a Valentine’s dress one year
65. Buying me dress up clothes
66. Giving me your ring, and loving me when I lost it
67. You searched for days when Katie lost her graduation ring
68. Staying upstairs as long as you could when I tried to deep clean the house when you were asleep and made it more of a mess
69. Let me go to the store for you and always telling me I did a good job when I came home
70. Scheduling me last minute doctors appointments
71. Making it me so I could go to Dr. Bell when i was 18
72. Driving me around for hours trying to find a pair of sweatpants
73. Bought me a long necklace for the first day I had to dress up for band
74. Gave me your sunglasses
75. Let me wear your pearl necklace
76. Would leave me clothes you found on my bed
77. Let me spray paint my walls
78. Held me close when I pushed you away
79. Always taking care of my eyebrows
80. Driving me to Stanton every week
81. Let me be your prop girl
82. Sent me to Patchwork Plus to make a skirt
83. Seafood Pasta
84. Got my cartilage pierced at the beach
85. Driving across town to bring me books and homework I forgot
86. Peppermint pie
87. Making song books for Friday night at the Fishers
88. Wanting all your kids to be themselves
89. The princess comforters I loved
90. The time we were yelling at each other in the Odyssey for reasons I don’t remember why, and I looked at you and realized how ungrateful I was
91. Making cookies and banana bread for when we got home from school
92. Giving me a knifty knitter even though I bugged you every day that I knew you would
93. Buying me tennis shoes
94. Driving me to the track every night
95. Letting me come in your room when you wanted to be alone and have a break
96. Sending me finals packets at school
97. Telling me I was good at piano
98. Going out of your way so Caleb wasn’t at my lesson
99. Wrote me countless letters to remind me you loved me
100. Doing everything you could to make the oatmeal taste good


5 thoughts on “Guest Blogger

  1. Aaron

    Awesome. Just awesome. What a gift she has given you, Julie. What an amazing work God has done and is doing through you. Wow. Do you see? Do you hear? All those ways you love your kids, ever day, in the midst of chaos, and fatigue, and go, go, go…they are “working.” Your kids know they are loved. You go, girl.

  2. Davene Grace

    If this isn’t an example of “her children rise up and call her blessed,” I don’t know what is! I love you AND your child #3. 🙂 You are one of the most real moms I know about the hard parts of parenting and loving, and it is incredibly encouraging to see the fruit that is growing, even when you don’t realize it. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and many others!

  3. Cyndi

    I’m smiling and crying at the same time! Here’s hoping my child remembers at least 10 decent things I’ve done to not make her miserable!


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