Great Faithfulness

There we were. For a moment in time, corralled in the entryway of a sister’s spacious home, mom and five daughters gathered to document that we were all in attendance at the bridal shower of the eldest.



One click. One chance.

Make it a good one!

Great is Thy Faithfulness.

Yes, it is great. God’s faithfulness. When we are not. Faithful.

Where are the words to describe how it feels to look at these five very beautiful, very different, very precious souls, and to know that while it appears you had everything to do with them being here, in reality, you didn’t?

It wasn’t you.

It wasn’t your naivete or your ignorance or your voicelessness or your fertility.

You were gifted with them.

For a little while you get to be a daily nuisance presence in their lives, and then, if you are lucky, you are invited to go to the final dress fitting or to do eyebrows together or to stay for supper or to go grocery shopping.

Or someone stops in to make a salad and chat.

Or shows up at the soccer field to cheer her little sisters on to victory the fun conclusion of a game.

While another walks them around the shopping center saying no to Stuffy Bear for the seventeenth time, so that you and your accomplice lover can walk side-by-side for ten minutes until you reach the car.

And all this time you thought it was about you and your choices, it was about God and His faithfulness to complete what was started in all of us.

A good work.

9 thoughts on “Great Faithfulness

  1. Davene Grace

    Wow. This might just be my favorite post ever on your blog. Your words have moved me to tears.

    (Also, thanks for letting us borrow Frozen. I’ve got some boys super excited to wake up tomorrow morning and watch it.) 😉

    1. mommypancis Post author

      Might it be because you have been through the nitty-gritty with me? Thank you for your kind encouragement. Enjoy Frozen! You AND Jeff have to watch it sometime, too!!!!!

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