Dad is home, now, and I am grateful.

I am grateful that Mom was so quick to get him to the hospital.

I am grateful for the expert care he was given and the swift decisions that were made to stabilize him and prevent further injury to his brain.

I am grateful that there were procedures and medicines available to stave off further reactions to the bleed.

I am grateful for siblings who live close.

I am grateful for facebook to connect us to siblings who are far.

I am grateful for friends who show up.

I am grateful that laughter is considered the best medicine, because Dad got a healthy dose of it during our visits.

Ok, stop laughing now, Dad. It’s not THAT funny (except that lots of things just were THAT funny!). Um, Dad, I don’t want anything else to burst in your head from laughing, so we better stop now. Except this is hilarious!

I’m grateful to have the perspective of truth that this medical emergency WAS a big deal, and we were gifted with a positive outcome.

I am grateful for healing not only of body, but of spirit, and for a God who binds up our brokenness in whatever form it takes.

I am grateful.


Dad is home resting, now. I’m sure Maestro is happy to have him back! There is a lot of sleep to catch up on after a week of checks throughout the day and night, usually right upon falling asleep. Mom continues to watch him closely as he recovers. Thank you to all who offered up love and prayers. 


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