Grateful for a Glimpse

It’s been a hard six weeks.

In addition to the change in schedule and new routine and workload, technical parts of the blog were malfunctioning, causing frustration that even the smallest joy in my life was broken.

These are discouraging days.

I am trying to hold onto truth, but it’s been slipping from my hands and abandoning my heart.

Writing is literally ready…set…go! Where are the words falling to, so eloquent in my head, before my fingers grab a pen or strike the keys? It’s a little something or a whole lot of nothing. No middle ground. I fight for the crumbs.

There are tearful days.

Even good stuff is hard. Overwhelming. Exhausting.

So when I get some time to finally figure out the glitch and learn something new about where my plugins are housed, and I see that my blog hasn’t totally flatlined and there are still readers, it feels like a glimpse of hope.

I can figure things out. It just takes time. That thing that mocks me daily as I live in the chaos where there is too much and never enough.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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