Goodness in Remembering

He would be 29 today, and who knows where we would be in relationship?

Would he still frequent local haunts when he wasn’t traveling the world?

Would we run into each other at Sharp Shopper or Chick-fil-A or church?

Would we talk about how everyone has grown and how those teenagers he drove to youth group are adults with lives of their own now?

Would he drive down the street and wave as I watch my not-so-little-anymore children play in the front yard?

Would he have moved on and away from small college-town life?

Would he be doing a book or video tour? Or both?

Would he be inviting me to invite my friends to like his new facebook page?

Would he be picking up his nephew from the Sunday School class I just finished teaching?

Would he smile up at me singing on stage Sunday morning offering encouragement?

Would he be blogging?

Would he be married?

Would he be coming for dinner to catch up on how life has changed?

Would he remember the short season we shared and how he encouraged our family?

Would he politely smile and allow a forty-something mom to thank him again for all of the last-minute rides for teens to and from youth group during that hectic season? Because that is where we left off in relationship.

I don’t know. I will never get to find out. It’s still hard to believe that over three years have passed since he was snatched away from all of us who loved him. I DO know that I will see Brian again one day and thank him for allowing me to use him as the subject of the post that generated more traffic than any other on my blog. Even in death, there is life. 

Happy Birthday, Brian. You are still very much remembered and very much missed.


3 thoughts on “Goodness in Remembering

  1. Mike Carderelli

    Julie, Thanks for the beautiful post about Brian. He is dearly missed by so many! If you got his age from my post on his FB page, I actually got it wrong because I thought of the wrong birthyear. Brian would actually have been 29 this November (2013).

    1. mommypancis Post author

      It was a gift to know Brian and to share a small, yet significant, season with him. He blessed our family greatly as our neighbor. Yes! I got his age from your post and have since corrected it. I was having a hard time with the numbers myself. Thank you for reading my blog and for sharing such kind feedback. Your family is precious and loved. Blessings!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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