Goodbye, Costco

A week ago I met Steve at Costco. We each needed items. Him for work, me for home. Since its opening in our town over 20 years ago, we have held membership through the school. This is one of the perks the move to a new career leaves behind.

Walking through the store last Friday, and unspoken sadness surrounded me. This is our last time to be in this space, this way, together. Many times we have met up to combine errands and grab samples. Sometimes a small person was with us. The milestone happened when we were alone, and it felt like a date.

I often make much and more of what is happening in my world. I sensed this was another ending as a boogie board, bathing suits, and a package of tortillas was placed in the cart.

Costco has played a big-box sized role in our family. At maximum under one roof level, there were ten of us living together. Countless Christmas, vacation,  Saturday stock-up, and midweek shopping trips have taken place. I am sure membership could tell us how much money we have spent. I am sure I do not want to know.

Costco prepped me to welcome several babies, but number six stands out most. That winter I needed all of the fruit in the house before going into labor. I remember walking through the pantry on the way to the kitchen after a Costco run and saying, There is so much fruit. I bought all of the fruit. Now the baby can come, because we have fruit.

Then I organized the china cabinet.

In a weird way Costco feels like family. You cannot engage people and a place for 23 years and have it not. But Costco is not family. Or if it is, if I want to carry out that analogy, it is the family we need to take a break from in this season.

It is strange having that door closed to us. It was open for so long. It is time, though. It is time to cut back on all of the spending for all of the deals. I hope to occasionally tag along as a guest to stock up on essentials. Canned chicken, coffee beans, dog and cat food, dog dental chews, and hair care products are all Costco staples here. Maybe I will splurge on the black olives.

So many things are not staples, though. Non-essential. Too many of those items find their way to our cart. For now it is all about essentials and all about saying no to the Costco draw.

Good-Bye, (for now), Costco! How we will miss you!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Costco

  1. Robert A Grathwol

    You know, I remember having to be a part of some group when I first joined Costco (Price Club, back then) but I think that has changed. They list no requirements for membership on their web pages, and you can even buy “gift” memberships for friends. If you want to keep your membership it is worth a call to ask the question.–Bob Grathwol

    1. Julie Post author

      Oh I know we can pay for a membership. There are even good deals out there occasionally for individuals to join. In our case we are weighing our tendency to overspend on the “savings” with our much tighter budget. In this season we are refraining from joining for that reason. That may change in the future. I am open to the possibility for sure! And thanks so much for reading and responding! I love the feedback.

  2. Dottie Little

    I think you should submit this story to Costco! Who know – they may give you a complimentary membership.

    1. Julie Post author

      But then our saving money purpose will be foiled. We are on more of a Sharp Shopper budget right now. So by not going in we are not tempted to spend. I think I am just processing the end of a big season of my life. And thank you so much for reading and commenting. I love seeing you here.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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