God Already Knew

This Sabbath Sundown is my last of summer.

Tomorrow finds me back at work preparing for another year of teaching.

There are many feelings swirling inside as I prepare to just do the next thing. I feel excited, overwhelmed, tired, hopeful, eager. This year is going to be a stretch in many ways.

But God already knew that.

So when there was joking from my sister about me having five kids in four schools, which became five kids in five schools, God already knew.

When the teacher I was looking forward to spending another year with moved on, God already knew.

Because He already knows, I can step out in confidence tomorrow morning, knowing that nothing will cross my path or touch my life that God doesn’t already know.

He is with me in this next chapter, and I can quit wrestling with and just rest in that.

4 thoughts on “God Already Knew

  1. Aunt Marilyn

    Yes He does know . . . stepping out in faith and confidence with you! We leave Camp Barakel tomorrow morning, after two weeks of serving here. Back to serving God at home . . . He knows what the days hold. I too will “rest” in Him. Praise Him. Thank you for this sweet reminder!

    1. mommypancis Post author

      I am sure you blessed many with your service. Thank you for your kind encouragement! Blessings as you begin your week, stepping into whatever he brings your way.

  2. Grace

    Thanks for your words that speak a part of my heart that is difficult to define as I wade through the “excited, overwhelmed, tired, hopeful, eager” feelings this week. He knows. Blessings as you venture out!

    1. mommypancis Post author

      You are welcome! I have been given lots of words and always feel grateful when they can be used to bless others. He really DOES know and is with us in the big feelings and bigger messes.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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