Glimpsing the Goodness of Sister-Love

It’s not always good.

Often it’s hard and involves fighting over who will sit where in the car or who gets to go first for media or who gets to be the pink baby in Sweet Streets or who is being too chippoish in whatever game is being imagined.

Usually there are accusations of favorites and always and nevers.

But there are glimpses, and yesterday I got one while on a walk with my girls.

Sister-love. It was sweet and involved much talking about things of which I have no clue. Yup! I’m officially moving up on the generational escalator.

I’m grateful for glimpses of hope for the future in the midst of the overwhelming current relational sibling struggles.


1 thought on “Glimpsing the Goodness of Sister-Love

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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