Glimpsing Thanksgiving Eve

I am exhausted.

Trying to compose a thought or two, reflecting on the short work week and the fullness of all that has happened these past three days and all that is coming up, the Skype alert plays.

My heart smiles as I see my girl’s face come into focus on the screen.

We missed our Saturday morning chat last weekend.

It is fun to see her and to hear her voice and to listen to what is going on in her life. It stirs things up in my heart.

I think they call that love.

After we talk awhile, I carry her out to the table where some of her siblings are playing a game. They start to talk. I seize the moment to snap a picture of my five biggest kids all together.

I think they call this a blessing. I am grateful.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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