Glimpsing New Paths

We did something new today. Walked a new path.

The family took a trip to the Christmas tree farm to select and cut down a tree.

Fun, old-fashioned, family Christmas.

downsized_1129131345 (1)

Here’s a good tree.


Here’s a crazy family making it look desirable to be this large (according to a young mom wearing baby #3 that we met on the hunt for our tree). We tried to fully disclose. We make it look easy. It’s not. It’s a mess. We missed you, Shani. And Dana. And Jason.


But this man doesn’t seem to mind jumping into it…


Here is the couple beginning their Christmas season of engagement together.


And the three brothers.


It was a success!

I’m grateful for freedom to chart new courses and walk new paths. And to laugh when the Christmas tree stand has a hole in it that is not discovered until the Christmas tree formula water begins flowing out as fast as it is poured in.

2 thoughts on “Glimpsing New Paths

  1. maretta

    This is great. Love those faces. (I have a Christmas tree stand you can borrow, though you likely already have that taken care of.)


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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