Glimpsing Heart Nourishment

Today we prepare to eat a fabulous feast with family and friends. It’s sure to offer our bodies nourishment as delicious foods are sampled, both traditional and non.

Hearts need nourishment, too. Hopefully, there will be a dose of that around our tables, as well.

I experienced an outpouring of heart nourishment on Tuesday, so much so as to be almost overwhelming.

It started as a regular day, but not really. Since it was the last school day before the Thanksgiving holiday, there was much to accomplish in the classroom. I was gratefully anticipating a rare Tuesday evening free of meetings or obligations.

At the close of the workday, I noticed a voicemail alert on my phone. I am woefully out of touch in the phonecall/texting department since returning to work means having it inaccessible and unable to give and receive texts and calls at will.

Immediately my thoughts raced to what I missed…a teacher calling? a doctor? an emergency?

It was a friend inviting me out that evening to celebrate another. In the end it was a celebration of friendship and each other. It was a gift. I LOVE these ladies and their beautiful souls.

DSCN2892 (2)But that’s not all.

While going through the mail at 10pm, two small envelopes fell out, both hand-addressed to me. I opened them to reveal cards of love and encouragement.DSCN2917But, wait! There’s more!

The answering machine was beeping. The message alerted me to the fact that a local florist had attempted a delivery, but no one was home. I was instructed to call the next day for re-delivery.

This is probably why I was almost overwhelmed. Had these flowers from my sweet friend been waiting for me that day, the scales would have tipped. As it stood, the love was spread over two days, and I came home to this beautiful arrangement on Wednesday.DSCN2911I am grateful for friends who nourish my heart when they don’t even know it, for the ability to grow and receive the gift of their love, and for a God who goes before my days and encourages me throughout them, even when I don’t readily see what is happening.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you who read my thoughts and encourage my heart simply by being there. May your hearts be nourished this day by knowing that you are loved. May you glimpse goodness of your own in the midst of the struggles.

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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